Tunable Short Wavelength Generation and Applications

  • Robert H. Lipson
  • Yujun J. Shi
  • Diane Lacey


The worldwide demand for lasers in 2001 makes up an approximately twelve billion dollar market, and represents a remarkable growth of 375% since 1997. While it should come as no surprise that nearly 80% of these sales involves diode lasers, because of their importance to the telecommunications industry, the remaining non-diode based laser economy certainly cannot be ignored. The dominant applications for lasers in the latter category are materials processing (> $1.5 billion), medical applications (> $0.6 billion) and basic research (≈ $0.1 billion) (Anderson, 2001; Sander, 2000).


Second Harmonic Generation Potential Energy Curve Rydberg State Free Electron Laser Stokes Component 
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