Integrins and the Myocardium

  • Shaw-Yung Shai
  • Alice E. Harpf
  • Robert S. Ross
Part of the Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods book series (GEPM, volume 24)


Cells from both vertebrate and invertebrate species share the ability to adhere to extracellular matrices (ECM). ECM provides cells with a structural, chemical and mechanical substrate that is essential in tissue development, body growth and responses to pathophysiological signals. A group of glycoprotein transmembrane receptors termed integrins are the primary link between extracellular matrix ligands and both cytoskeletal structures and intracellular signaling mechanisms (1, 2, 3, 4). Integrins orchestrate multiple functions in the intact organism including organogenesis, regulation of gene expression, cell proliferation, differentiation, migration and death. They are a complex family of heterodimeric transmembrane cell surface receptors composed of α and β subunits (5). In mammals, integrins are expressed in many cell types and one cell type can express a variety of integrin receptors, thus allowing them to interact with many extracellular matrix components.


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