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In 1990, I became the Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Emeritus Professor at NU. Mary, the children (then adults with their own families), and I looked forward to this day. Of course, this meant that I would be free of teaching and research at NU. Thus, our family could spend more time together, something I had not done earlier because of my travels here and abroad to give invited lectures at universities or at international scientific conferences or symposia Add to that the years I was President of the ACS and, as described earlier, had to travel worldwide as its representative. Furthermore, my seven years on a NATO science research panel required that I go twice a year to the NATO headquarters in Brussels, and one time a year to a NATO science developing country (see pp. 148–152). There were times when I felt as though I was spending all my time in airports, due to delayed or canceled flights. Once I told this to my brother, Martin, who owned the only grocery store in Coello, named “Basolo’s Groceries” (Fig. 7-1). Martin, who had never left Coello nor had ever seen an ocean or a mountain, said to me, “You are crazy running all over the world, when you could have stayed here and taken it easy.” There were times when I was waiting in an airport that I would think about what my brother had said. Fortunately, I did not take his advice, because I may have been a coal miner dying at an early age of “black lung.”


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