Collision of a Free Particle with a Potential Field

  • S. P. Khare
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In the previous chapter we discussed the motion of a free particle. Now we consider the collision (scattering) of a free particle with (by) a potential field. In the presence of a potential, Eq. (2.3.3) changes to (Burke, 1977)
$$ \left[ { - \begin{array}{*{20}{c}} {{\hbar ^2}}\\ {\overline {2m} } \end{array}{\nabla ^2} + V(r)} \right]\Psi (r) = E\Psi (r) $$
where V (r) is the potential energy of the particle. In the asymptotic region, where V (r) = 0, (3.1.1) admits two solutions.


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