Electron Collision Processes in Nitrogen Trifluoride

  • C. Q. Jiao
  • C. A. DeJosephJr.
  • P. D. Haaland
  • A. Garscadden


Nitrogen trifluoride is used extensively in several aspects of semiconductor processing and manufacture and was also employed as an atomic fluorine source in pulsed electrical-chemical lasers. The electron collision database is of interest for modeling and simulation of plasma enhanced etching of materials. We have recently made comprehensive measurements of the absolute dissociative ionization cross-sections of nitrogen trifluoride and also of its dissociative charge transfer from argon ions. These results are reviewed and compared with previous data in the literature. We also compile, where available, the results for electron attachment, momentum transfer, vibrational excitation, and dissociative excitation. This data set is compared with the results from swarm experiments for mixtures of NF3-argon and NF3-nitrogen. The needs and opportunities for additional experimental studies are outlined.


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    • 1
  • C. A. DeJosephJr.
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  • P. D. Haaland
    • 3
  • A. Garscadden
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