Gas-Phase Growth Kinetics and Morphology of Lead and Germanium Telluride Crystals

  • L. V. Yashina
  • V. I. Dernovskii
  • V. P. Zlomanov
  • V. I. Shtanov
Part of the Рост Кристаллов / Rost Kristallov / Growth of Crystals book series (GROC, volume 21)


The kinetics of crystal growth and their dependence on external factors provide information critical for understanding the growth mechanism and for controlled production of crystals with a given composition and the required properties. Crystal growth is investigated using both kinetic and morphologic principles. The former relates the growth rate to the experimental conditions (temperature, source material composition, vapor composition and pressure, etc.). The latter examines the influence of these factors and the growth rate on the habit and morphology of the crystal. The present work studies relationships among the growth conditions, growth rate, and crystal morphology for sublimation in a closed system.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • L. V. Yashina
  • V. I. Dernovskii
  • V. P. Zlomanov
  • V. I. Shtanov

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