Nano-Spintronics with Lateral Quantum Dots

  • A. Sachrajda
  • P. Hawrylak
  • M. Ciorga


Over the last decade there has been a tremendous increase in the research devoted to nanotechnology. This trend is driven both by the potential for new paradigms and technological applications as well as by the fundamental science suggested by new quantum regimes. More recently a similar explosion of effort has commenced in the field of spintronics and, in particular, in semiconductor spintronics [1]. The attraction of exploiting the electrons other quantum degree of freedom in semiconductors is clear, making it possible to examine novel device functionalities, achieve combined memory and logic functions and to explore the feasibility of spin-based qubits for quantum information applications. In this chapter we combine these two fields and consider a field we have termed Nano-spintronics. Nano-spintronics is related to spintronics in the same way that nano-electronics is to electronics—it is spintronics on the small scale and, ultimately, at the single spin level (single spintronics).


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  • P. Hawrylak
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  • M. Ciorga
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