Carbon Nanotubes for Nanoscale Spin-Electronics

  • B. Alphenaar
  • S. Chakraborty
  • K. Tsukagoshi


During the last ten years, spin electronics has grown rapidly, with the development of spin electronic magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) [1], giant magnetoresistive (GMR) devices, and spin valves [2] for applications as nonvolatile magnetic memory and magnetic read heads. These devices are based on a two-terminal ferromagnetic/non-ferromagnetic layer structure in which the magnetic moments of the ferromagnetic layers rotate independently of each other. Due to spin scattering at the ferromagnetic/ non-ferromagnetic interface, the resistance is high when the ferromagnetic moments are anti-parallel, and low when the ferromagnetic moments are parallel, resulting in a bi-state spin resistor. The percent change in resistance is \( \Delta R/{R_a} = ({R_a} - {R_p})/{R_a} \) where R a and R p are the resistances in the anti-parallel and parallel configurations, respectively.


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  • S. Chakraborty
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  • K. Tsukagoshi
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  2. 2.The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)SaitawaJapan

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