Preprocessing for Data Mining and Decision Support

  • Olga Štěpánková
  • Petr Aubrecht
  • Zdeněk Kouba
  • Petr Mikšovský
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The goal of this chapter is to identify data preprocessing tasks that can benefit from the existence of software support, and to describe the basic requirements on the tool, which can serve this purpose. These requirements are implemented in the data transformation tool, SumatraTT. The design principles and basic functionality of SumatraTT are explained. The chapter concludes by a brief evaluation of experience gained using SumatraTT was in different tasks, and with a summary of plans for its further development.


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  • Olga Štěpánková
  • Petr Aubrecht
  • Zdeněk Kouba
  • Petr Mikšovský

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