Digital Image and Video Processing

  • Mrinal Kr. Mandal
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With the growth of multimedia systems, sophisticated image and video processing techniques are now common. A typical multimedia user these days is likely to have several image and video editing tools at his or her disposal. The user can use these tools to perform several image processing tasks, such as image cropping, resizing, contrast enhancement, smoothing, sharpening, and edge detection, without knowing the intricate details of the underlying techniques. In a similar way, a video user can perform several tasks, such as video segmentation, joining multiple video clips with fade in or fade out, and zoom in and out. The purpose of this Chapter is to introduce to readers the working principles of a few select image and video processing techniques. Readers who would like to have a more detailed understanding of these techniques may consult standard textbooks on image and video processing [1]–[5.


Video Sequence Gray Level Motion Vector Digital Video Histogram Equalization 
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