The Role Of Cardiac Catheterization During Staged Reconstruction

  • Jacqueline Kreutzer
  • Jonathan J. Rome
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 246)


Cardiac catheterization is an integral part of the management of patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (Table 1). Hemodynamic and angiographic data from diagnostic catheterization are needed in standard staged reconstruction. Catheterization is an essential tool in assessing patients with postoperative difficulties or unexpected changes in clinical status. Lastly, transcatheter interventions are frequently applied to patients at every stage of reconstruction. This chapter will first outline the current routine practice in invasive diagnostic evaluation of patients during staged reconstruction. This will be followed by a consideration of special diagnostic situations, such as the evaluation of postoperative patients and those with unanticipated changes in status. The role of interventional catheterization in the patient with hypoplastic left heart syndrome will be discussed at each stage of surgical reconstruction.


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