Distribution of the Basal Ganglia and Cerebellar Projections to the Rodent Motor Thalamus

  • S. T. Sakai
  • I. Grofovà
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 54)


Although the rodent cerebellothalamic distribution has been extensively studiedl1,2,6, the detailed relationship to the basal ganglia thalamic distribution is yet to be determined. In a preliminary report using a double anterograde labeling strategy, Deniau and others5 reported partially segregated and partially overlapping projections from the basal ganglia output nuclei and the cerebellum to the thalamus in the rat. The idea that the rodent motor thalamus largely receives non-overlapping basal ganglia and cerebellar input is partially based on the fmding that the primary nigrothalamic target is the ventromedial nucleus (VM) while the cerebellothalamic afferents project to the ventral anterior lateral nucleus (VAL). Our recent demonstration of robust nigrothalamic projections to VAL in the rat18 raised the possibility of overlapping basal ganglia and cerebellar afferents in the rat VAL and prompted us to re-investigate the question of segregated basal ganglia and cerebellar afferents to the rodent thalamus.


AM: anterior medial nucleus APT: anterior pretectal area AV: anterior ventral nucleus CL: central lateral nucleus FF: Fields of Forél fr: fasciculis retroflexus G: gelatinosus nucleus LD: lateral dorsal nucleus LHb: lateral habenular nucleus LP: lateral posterior nucleus MD: mediodorsal nucleus ml: medial lemniscus mt: mammillothalamic tract MV: medioventral nucleus Pf: parafascicular nucleus pI: paralaminar region Po: posterior group Rt: reticular thalamic nucleus sm: stria medullaris SNC: substantia nigra pars compacta SNR: substantia nigra pars reticulata VAL: ventral anterolateral nucleus VM: ventromedial nucleus VPM: ventral posteromedial nucleus ZI: zona incerta 


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