State-Selected Associative Ionisation as a Probe of the Molecular Dissociative Channels

  • Xavier Urbain
  • Pierre-Célestin Karangwa
  • Driss Nehari
  • Vola Andrianarijaona
  • Jozo Jureta
  • Freddy Brouillard


Associative ionization (AI): A + B* → AB+ + e and dissociative recombination (DR) share the same reaction channels, although the precise dynamics depend on the actual collision taking place. The large angular momentum put into the system by heavy particle collisions does indeed obliterate the subtle role of closed Rydberg channels, as these resonances are displaced by the centrifugal energy. However, the systematic study of AI processes at low energy provides us with additional information on the reaction channels, their branching into atomic products, and the preferred symmetries of DR. The effect of isotope substitution on total cross sections, together with the development of a new diagnostic tool to measure the internal energy of AI products, give an unambiguous identification of the reaction pathways.


Total Cross Section Internuclear Distance Potential Energy Curve Associative Ionization Dissociative Recombination 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Xavier Urbain
    • 1
  • Pierre-Célestin Karangwa
    • 1
  • Driss Nehari
    • 1
  • Vola Andrianarijaona
    • 1
  • Jozo Jureta
    • 2
  • Freddy Brouillard
    • 1
  1. 1.Unité de Physique Atomique et MoléculaireUniversité Catholique de LouvainLouvain-la-NeuveBelgium
  2. 2.Institute of PhysicsBeogradYugoslavia

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