Reconstruction from Microscopic Projections with Defocus-Gradient and Attenuation Effects

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We discuss and illustrate defocus-gradient and attenuation effects that are part of the image formation models of microscopy of biological specimens. We demonstrate how they affect the projection data and in turn the 3D reconstructions. Biologically meaningful results can be obtained ignoring both of these effects, but using image processing techniques to incorporate corrections for them into reconstruction methods provides more accurate reconstructions, with potential for creating higher-resolution models of the biological specimens.


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The work presented here is currently supported by the National Science Foundation award number DMS-1114901.

The authors would like to thank Joaquín Otón, José-María Carazo, Carlos Óscar Sánchez Sorzano, and Roberto Marabini for helpful discussions on microscopy and Roberto Marabini and Joachim Frank for comments on this manuscript.


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