The Bourgeoisie, the Proletariat, and an Unwelcomed Press Conference

  • Jared A. Linebach
  • Brian P. Tesch
  • Lea M. Kovacsiss


Despite the turmoil surrounding Governor Greenleaf’s competitor, the team rallies together to concentrate on two more research questions. Those research questions are as follows: (1) Is Total Testosterone Level associated with the General Aggression Score? (2) Is sentence length associated with the General Aggression Score? The first research question is discussed using the Somer’s Index d, and the second research question is addressed by using Spearman’s Rho. Antecedents and consequents are discussed as well as concordant and discordant pairs as they relate to Somer’s Index. In this chapter, Pearson’s r is also considered. The team has to navigate through the reasons why Pearson’s r is not an appropriate choice for their research.


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