Understanding Similarity (with a Little Help from Big Bird)

  • Jared A. Linebach
  • Brian P. Tesch
  • Lea M. Kovacsiss


In this chapter, the team begins to experience the dynamics of working with such a diverse group. There are confrontation and disagreement, but ultimately the group is able to work through two research questions: (1) Is ethnicity/race associated with living location? (2) Is compliance status associated with whether the sex offenders are currently taking medication? The first research question is addressed by using the Cramér Coefficient, and the second research question is addressed by using the Phi Coefficient. The concepts of Association and Correlation are also discussed by the team.


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  • Jared A. Linebach
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  • Brian P. Tesch
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  • Lea M. Kovacsiss
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  2. 2.Suffolk UniversityDoverUSA
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