Presentation to the Governor

  • Jared A. Linebach
  • Brian P. Tesch
  • Lea M. Kovacsiss


All of the team’s hard work finally pays off as they present the governor with their findings. The team presents their findings to the governor in the form of a briefing report. The consultants design a platform informed by several policy goals and based upon a five-part containment approach to sex offender management which is presented in the formal briefing report. Policy recommendations are then made based upon the five-part approach. Some of the findings in the report include no difference in sentencing for those charged with an offense against a minor 15 years or younger and an offense against an adult, consistency among raters on the Level of Meanness scale, no difference in release condition compliance based upon race or upon whether or not they require medication, and an association between the General Aggression Score and length of sentence. The team is relieved to learn that Governor Greenleaf is pleased with the report and tasks Jennifer with determining some talking points for his campaign.


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