Complete Port-Access Robotic-Assisted Lobectomy Utilizing Three-Arm Technique Without a Transthoracic Utility Incision

  • Mark R. Dylewski
  • Richard Lazzaro
  • Abbas E. Abbas


Despite the superior outcomes of VATS compared to thoracotomy, review of STS database substantiates limited adoption of VATS. Therefore, VATS cannot be acknowledged as the “standard of care” for the treatment of pulmonary malignancies. During the past decade, robotic surgical systems have been increasingly utilized to perform highly complex surgical procedures. The use of the robot in thoracic surgery is in its early development; however, the trend in robotic-assisted thoracic surgery is projected to surpass the adoption of VATS and to mirror that of other robotic surgical subspecialties. This chapter outlines a robotic video-assisted thoracoscopic technique for lung resection that has been proven safe and feasible and more importantly could encourage broader use of minimally invasive lobectomy for a broader population of patients with clinically operable lung cancer.


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  • Richard Lazzaro
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  • Abbas E. Abbas
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  2. 2.North Shore LIJ Health System, Lenox Hill HospitalNew YorkUSA
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