Applications of the Local Electrode Atom Probe

  • David J. Larson
  • Ty J. Prosa
  • Robert M. Ulfig
  • Brian P. Geiser
  • Thomas F. Kelly


Over the past decade there has been a substantial expansion of the applicability of atom probe tomography (APT) to materials of all types. This expansion has been spurred on by major instrumental developments resulting in the achievement of high data collection rates, large fields of view, and renewed utilization of laser pulsing (see  Chap. 3). Furthermore, the advent of focused ion beam (FIB) methods for specimen preparation (see  Chap. 2) in APT has had an equally profound impact. FIB-based methods have not only made it possible to create a LEAP specimen from nearly any bulk material type, but also provided the capability to create specimens from specified regions of a sample and in nearly any orientation. At the turn of the century, random site specimen creation was the norm and site-specific specimen creation was a time-consuming process involving many handling steps in conjunction with electropolishing and electron microscopy. Today, FIB-based site-specific specimen creation is routine and electropolishing is often only used when it is more practical. While the use of thermal pulsing is necessary for materials that cannot be evaporated successfully with field pulsing, thermal pulsing also has been found to improve yield for a range of metal applications as well. Certain metal specimens, even high-strength steels, that will not run with adequate yield in voltage pulsing have been found to run with much higher success rate in laser pulsing. With these major advances, applications of APT have blossomed.


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