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There are true right and left lobes of the liver, approximately equal in size. The true left lobe consists of a left medial segment and a left lateral segment; each of these two segments can be further divided into superior and inferior subsegments. Each segment of the right lobe can be subdivided into superior and inferior subsegments. The caudate lobe is a separate region divided into right and left subsegments. The quadrate “lobe” is a portion of the inferior half or so of the medial segment of the left lobe. The caudate and quadrate “lobes” are not true lobes. Collection of fluid or abscesses may occur in the perihepatic spaces (subphrenic and subhepatic). Anatomical landmarks for liver resection

Step-by-step technique is provided for hepatic biopsy, lobectomy, segmentectomy, and treatment of traumatic liver injury. A new section on segment-oriented liver resection discusses contemporary terminology, general surgical principles, and parenchymal resection technique. There is a detailed description of operations on the right and left hemilivers and central liver and caudate lobe resections.


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