Differential Graded Algebras

  • Phillip Griffiths
  • John Morgan
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 16)


This chapter introduces (commutative) differential graded algebras (DGAs). The notion of a minimal DGA is introduced. These are constructed using Hirsch extensions. Hirsch extensions, up to isomorphism, are classified by a cohomology group. Lastly, the minimal model of a general simply connected DGA is defined and proved to exist by an inductive construction whose inductive step is a Hirsch extension.




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  • Phillip Griffiths
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  • John Morgan
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  1. 1.Institute for Advanced StudyPrinceton UniversityPrincetonUSA
  2. 2.Simons Center for Geometry and PhysicsStony Brook UniversityStony BrookUSA

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