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In the course of the past 30 years many sequences of Situations have been invented and used and experimented with. The level of student aimed for ranges from pre-school to university, with the highest density at the fourth to eighth grade level. Of these, two are completely or partially available in English. A sequence on introducing statistics, with commentary by Brousseau, was published by Brousseau and Warfield in the Journal of Mathematical Behavior. That sequence serves as an introduction to Fundamental Situations, and will be discussed in detail in  Chap. 3. The other sequence is far longer and has been taught many times. It provides a complete introduction to rational and decimal numbers as required by “obligatory scholarship” (in the National Programme). A detailed presentation of that sequence, broken into several sections to keep the size manageable, is now being written and translated. Two particularly intriguing Situations appear early in the sequence and, as with the pots of paint and the Race to Twenty, provide in themselves a nice illustration of the nature and content of a Situation. This chapter contains both, with a sketch of the connecting material between them.


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