Silicon Nanoparticles-Based Light Emitting Capacitors

  • A. Morales SánchezEmail author
  • J. Barreto
  • C. Domínguez Horna
  • M. Aceves Mijares
  • J. A. Luna López
  • L. Licea Jiménez
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 187)


This chapter is focused on the study of the microstructural, optical, electrical, and electro-optical properties of Si-nanoparticles (Si-nps) embedded in a silica matrix for light emitting devices applications. Si-nps were created from silicon-rich oxide [SRO, (\(\mathrm{{SiO}}_\mathrm{x}\), \(\mathrm{x}<2\))] films which are deposited by low pressure chemical vapor deposition and followed by a thermal annealing at high temperature. The composition, microstructure, and optical properties of SRO films are analyzed as a function of the silicon excess and thermal annealing temperature. Once the properties of these materials are known, SRO films which exhibited the best photoluminescent (strongest PL) properties were chosen in order to analyze their electrical and electroluminescent (EL) properties. Simple Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor structures using the SRO films as the dielectric layer were fabricated for these studies. Blue and red EL was observed by changing the Si-np size from 1.5 to 2.7 nm embedded in the silica matrix, respectively. EL is ascribed to the charge injection into the Si-nps embedded in the SRO films through a balanced transport network. The EL emission is observed with the naked eye and in daylight conditions on the whole area of devices. Therefore, these results prove the feasibility to obtain LECs by using simple capacitors with SRO films as the active layer.


Silicon rich oxide Silicon nanoparticles Photoluminescence Light emitting capacitor Conductive paths Electroluminescence 



Dr. Morales acknowledges the support received from project CONACyT-180992.


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