Fundamental Aspects of Viscoelastic Response

  • Danton Gutierrez-LeminiEmail author


This chapter describes the molecular structure of amorphous polymers, whose mechanical response to loads combines the features of elastic solids and viscous fluids. Materials that respond in such manner are called viscoelastic, and their mechanical properties have an intrinsic dependence on the time and temperature at which the response is measured. To put this into context, the chapter compares the nature of the response of elastic, viscous, and viscoelastic materials to several types of loading programs, examining the physical nature of their mechanical properties, their behavior regarding energy conservation, and the phenomenon of aging. The topics treated in this chapter provide the neophyte and casual reader with a good understanding of what viscoelastic materials are all about.


Aging Amorphous Compliance Creep Cross-linked Crystalline Delta function Dirac Elastic Energy Equilibrium Fluid Glass Glassy Heaviside Hooke Long term Modulus Newton Polymer Relaxation Strain Stress Temperature Transition Viscous Viscoelastic 


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