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In this chapter, we explore the possibilities for data exchange offered by the Office Open XML (OOXML) standard. Many of the office suites have adopted OOXML for their spreadsheets, word processing, and presentation tools. We demonstrate the kinds of functionality that can be built using the tools in the XML package to interface with XML-based spreadsheets from within R. Examples include: reading an entire xlsx file into an R data frame (or list of data frames, one per sheet); extracting and setting cell values in a worksheet; and adding style information on cells, R plots to sheets, and rda files to the xlsx archive. While the focus is on Excel and xlsx files, the ideas presented in this chapter can be extended to other spreadsheet applications, e.g., Google Docs and Open Office, and to other office tools, e.g., Word and PowerPoint. The ROOXML [19] package provides the basic infrastructure for Microsoft Office, and, for example, RWordXML provides facilities for working with word processing files.


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