April Meteor Showers

  • Gary W. Kronk
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This is a newly discovered meteor shower that was first recognized by P. G. Brown, D. K. Wong, R. J. Weryk, and P. A. Wiegert (2010). Using the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR) system during 2002–2008, they detected 1,006 meteors from this stream. These meteors indicated a duration of April 24-May 3 (λ = 34°–43°), with maximum occurring on April 27 (λ = 37°) from a radiant at α = 324.5°, δ = +45.9°. The geocentric velocity was 41.8 km/s, while the radiant drift was determined as +0.61° in α and +0.36° in δ per day.1


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