Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

  • Parbeer S. GrewalEmail author
  • Walter P. Maksymowych
  • Alain Brassard


Psoriasis is a common skin rash that affects almost 1 in 20 people in North America. Classically, psoriasis is seen on the skin as erythematous, well-demarcated plaques with silvery-white scale. However, there are other types of psoriasis as well: guttate, inverse, erythrodermic and pustular. Nail changes are also very common in all types of psoriasis and can help provide a clue to the diagnosis. Oftentimes, arthritis can coexist with psoriasis and cause major morbidity in psoriatic patients.


Psoriatic Arthritis Tinea Capitis Nail Plate Seborrheic Dermatitis Tinea Corporis 
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