Imaging of the Male Urethra

  • Nirvikar Dahiya
  • Christine O. Menias
  • Cary L. Siegel
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The most common methods for imaging the male urethra are retrograde urethrography (RUG) and voiding cystourethrography (VCUG). In order to formulate a proper management plan, an accurate and well-executed study is essential to determine stricture presence, number, location, degree, and length. Conventional urethrography is performed under fluoroscopy with the hip tilted and the penis slightly stretched. Inadequate oblique images will underestimate “true” stricture length and the pubic bones may obscure the posterior urethra. VCUG is most valuable for assessing the posterior urethra, the proximal extent of stenoses, and their functional significance. Other modalities, such as MRI, CT, and sonourethrography, have an important yet limited role in urethral evaluation. MRI has particular value in evaluating the pelvic fracture patient with associated urethral disruption injury. Sonourethrography is particularly accurate at determining true bulbar urethral stricture length and extent of luminal narrowing. Detailed herein are such imaging techniques and the imaging characteristics of both the normal and abnormal male urethra.


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