Mucus and Cell Renewal

  • Horace W. Davenport


Pavlov often gave demonstrations during his lectures, using one of his placid, chronically prepared dogs. He delighted in showing that the surface of the resting stomach is alkaline, not acid, because it is covered with a layer of mucus. Pavlov showed his audience that when acid secretion begins, the concentration of acid rises. He explained this by saying:

The wall of the stomach is usually covered with a considerable layer of mucus, and it is quite natural that the first portions of juice secreted, for example under the influence of sham feeding, will have the lowest acidity.... Obviously this is because the stream of juice has been neutralized by mucus.280

The mucus and the fluid in which it is suspended is the second component of gastric secretion.


Carbohydrate Cobalt Radium Proline Radioactive Isotope 


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