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Regulations and Guidelines for Animal Care: Problems and Future Concerns

  • George W. IrvingIII


A major objective of biomedical research is to improve conditions for both humans and animals. The present quality of life, including relative freedom from disease, agricultural productivity, and ability to apply new technologies in biology and medicine, is the result of continuous research and development programs that are based on scientific creativity and the search for new knowledge. Animal models are fundamental to this biomedical research. Animals are used to define the mechanisms of a complex biological system. This definition of biological mechanisms and how these mechanisms may be repaired when they are faulty, enhanced when they are weak, or turned off when they are overactive is central to progress toward a better quality of life. Both animals and humans are beneficiaries of this new knowledge. This book contains numerous ways creative scientists improve their methods and control experiments to screen out variables such as stress or disease to probe further into biological mechanisms.


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