Wrist Arthroscopy

  • Abdel Majid Sheikh Taha


Under regional anesthesia, the patient is positioned supine on the operating table. The arm is abducted and the fingers are suspended from 5 to 10 lb of fingertrap traction. The forearm and wrist are prepped and draped in the usual manner. Under tourniquet control, a 22-gauge needle is inserted in the space between the EPL and the EDC just distal to Lister’s tubercle at 10° of proximal inclination. Then, 5 mL of normal saline is injected into the space. A superficial skin is done. The subcutaneous tissues are dissected bluntly using tenotomy scissors. The posterior capsule is pierced. Trocar and cannula are inserted. The scope is inserted.


Distal Radius Fracture Scaphoid Fracture Synovial Biopsy Ligament Repair Carpal Instability 
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