Revision Hip Arthroplasty

  • Rida Adel Kassim


The patient was identified and the correct operative extremity confirmed. He/she was brought in the operating room and a combined spinal and epidural anesthetic or general anesthesia was performed. Antibiotics were administered intravenously. A Foley catheter was placed under sterile conditions. He/she was then placed in the lateral decubitus position using a peg-board for positioning. The anterior pelvis peg was placed at the level of the pubic symphysis and the posterior peg was placed superior to the gluteal cleft. The position of the pelvis relative to the floor was evaluated and confirmed to be perpendicular. A bolster was placed along the lateral chest wall on the down side to protect the axilla.


Lateral Decubitus Position Cement Mantle Trochanter Osteotomy Lateral Chest Wall Short External Rotator 
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