Posterior Spinal Fusion with Instrumentation

  • Stuart L. Weinstein


The patient was taken to the Operating Room. After adequate general anesthesia, he/she was placed prone on the Jackson table (Hall-Relton frame, spine frame, etc.). The arms were abducted 20° and elbows flexed 110° on the arm boards, which were well padded. The iliac crest and breast regions were well padded. The shoulders and upper arms were free. The knees were padded. All bony prominences were checked to make sure they were well protected. Foam pads were placed between the legs and around the legs to prevent bony contact with the OR table. A Bear hugger was used underneath the operating table to maintain the patient’s temperature. A second Bear hugger was used on the patient with an opening for the surgical incision. The back was given a two-stage prep and draped free in the usual manner.


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