Structures and Waves in a Nonlinear Heat-Conducting Medium

  • Stefka DimovaEmail author
  • Milena Dimova
  • Daniela Vasileva
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 45)


This paper is an overview of the main contributions of a Bulgarian team of researchers to the problem of finding the possible structures and waves in the open nonlinear heat-conducting medium, described by a reaction–diffusion equation. Being posed and actively worked out by the Russian school of A.A. Samarskii and S.P. Kurdyumov since the seventies of the last century, this problem still contains open and challenging questions.


Nonlinear heat-conducting medium Self-organization Reaction-diffusion equation Self-similar solutions Blow-up Finite element method 



The first author is partially supported by the Sofia University research grant No 181/2012; the second and the third authors are partially supported by the Bulgarian National Science Foundation under Grant DDVU02/71.


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