Fast Recapture and Positioning Algorithm Based on PMF-FFT Structure

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GNSS signal acquisition is the most important process in a receiver followed by tracking and extraction of navigation bits. Partial Matching Filter (PMF) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm has advantages in acquisition speed and hardware complexity. In general, GNSS navigation data acquisition needs a common frame synchronization algorithm, which takes one sub-frame period of time for a determination. This means the receiver will take at least 6 s to reposition after the signal lost lock and recapture. In this paper, the design of PMF-FFT based receiver is described. A fast method of solving the long-time frame synchronization problems is proposed. The method uses the α-β filter algorithm to correct local time and estimate signal sending time. Experimental results show that the proposed methods for the PMF-FFT based receiver are able to perform faster and reliable acquisition and reposition.


GNSS  PMF-FFT  Recapture  GPS  Compass-2  


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