Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Summarizing the Lay of the Land, Marking the Best Practices, Identifying Barriers, and Mapping New Territory

  • Mary R. Talen
  • Aimee Burke Valeras
  • Larry A. Cesare


This concluding chapter pulls together the evidence and essential ­elements on the macro, meso, and micro levels of integrated behavioral health care. The research base for what is known and what is unknown in integrated behavioral health care practices has been thoroughly assessed; the process of which has helped identify common key ingredients for integration, based on the organizing template and lexicon of integrated behavioral health care. Even with strong vision and mission for integrated behavioral health, even with evidence-based clinical protocols for population-based care, even with sustainable funding mechanisms and quality improvement measures—the obstacles and barriers are formidable. This chapter outlines these challenges and unintended consequences of team-based care. Through surveying the landscape of integrated behavioral health care, we delineate the opportunities for advancing the field, highlighting anchor points for behavioral health practices and a variety of methods for placing behavioral health into the mix of primary care. Future directions and recommendations for research initiatives, clinical practices, team-based care, and advocacy in policy are discussed for future opportunities for growth, cultural shift, and potential for transforming health care.


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  • Mary R. Talen
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  • Aimee Burke Valeras
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  • Larry A. Cesare
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