Miscellaneous UWB Topics: MAC, Ranging, Chipsets and Products

  • Shahriar Emami


Miscellaneous UWB topics such as MAC, ranging and silicon are addressed in this chapter. Medium access control (MAC) layers of UWB standards such as IEEE 802.15.3, IEEE 802.15.4a as well as WiMedia are briefly reviewed. Shared features and the differentiators are pointed out. Then the case for UWB application in ranging is made by comparing its performance against that of a narrowband system. A few variations of time of arrival (TOA) ranging scheme known as one-way ranging time of arrival (OWR-TOA), two-way ranging time of arrival (TWR-TOA) and symmetric double-sided two-way ranging (SDS-TWR) are described. The error performance of TWR-TOA and SDS-TWR are compared. We then turn our attention to UWB silicon. The evolution path for UWB silicon is described, evaluation kits and reference design kits are introduced and UWB test equipment is reviewed. The chapter concludes with a description of UWB products in the market.


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