Cirrhosis: Dermatological Features

  • Liam Zakko
  • Justin Finch
  • Marti J. Rothe
  • Jane M. Grant-Kels


Clinical characteristics include:

Liver disease often presents with cutaneous findings: chronic alcoholism, 43 % have cutaneous findings; alcohol cirrhosis, 72 % have spider angioma, palmar erythema, or Dupuytren’s contractures

Jaundice: occurs when serum bilirubin >2.5–3.0 mg/dL; if mild, skin is yellow; if severe, skin is brown

Pruritus of cholestasis: tends to be generalized, worse in hands and feet

Prurigo nodularis: associated especially with cirrhosis due to hepatitis C; firm, pruritic hyperkeratotic nodules 1 mm–2 cm in diameter; usually on the extremities although no part of the body is exempt, often with xerotic/lichenified skin between nodules and excoriations/crusting on the lesions


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