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In 1990, Hammer suggested for eliminating non-value-adding activities rather than using technology to automate the processes involved. Till then, technology had been used only for automating the existing processes and not eliminating non-value-adding activities. The focus should be to maximize customer value by minimizing the resources consumed for delivering the product or service. So companies started reviewing their processes and strived for renewed competitive advantage in the limited resources and costs that they could manage. Initially it had to face its share of brickbats, and post-1995, the accusation against reengineering was that it focused only on processes and technology and not on effective change management for the people. Among different product-centric strategies, this kind of reengineering strategy was more a customer-focused initiative. It improved coordination of rate of workflow as well as increased efficiency and responsiveness of supply chain thus increasing customer satisfaction. A more keen focus on the production process rather than an eye on the products would help in further improvement in the company becoming customer focused.


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