Sweetgrass Biology

  • Robert J. Dufault
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Sweetgrass is in the grass family technically called the Poaceae family. Debate has been ongoing for decades by botanical taxonomists about the correct scientific nomenclature to name the species of sweetgrass used in African-coiled basketry. When I started working with this plant in the late 1980s, it was accepted by most botanists that the genus and species was Muhlenbergia filipes M. A. Curtis. Alternative names are Muhlenbergia capillaries (Lam.) Trin. var. filipes (M. A. Curtis) Chapm. ex Beal and Muhlenbergia sericea (Michx.) P. M. Peterson. The genus Muhlenbergia was named after Dr. H. Muhlenberg, who wrote a work on American grasses in 1817. The genus Muhlenbergia has 152 species with 69 of these species native to North America (Gustafson and Peterson 2007).


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