Elliptic Modules: Analytic Definition

  • Yuval Z. Flicker
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Let p be a prime number, d a positive integer, q=p d , \({\mathbb{F}}_{q}\) a field of q elements, C an absolutely irreducible smooth projective curve defined over \({\mathbb{F}}_{q}\), and F the function field \({\mathbb{F}}_{q}(C)\) of C over \({\mathbb{F}}_{q}\), that is, the field of rational functions on C over \({\mathbb{F}}_{q}\). At each place v of F, namely a closed point of C, let F v be the completion of F at v and A v the ring of integers in F v . Fix a place of F. Let C be the completion of an algebraic closure \({\overline{F}}_{\infty }\) of F .


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