Case 3 Dr. Jorge Garcia: Promises Made, Promises Kept, Until Forever Is Too Long

  • Florence W. Kaslow


’Til death do us part may be longer than some marriages can survive, especially when they are entered into when both members of the couple are still teenagers. This was one of the contributing factors to the demise of Dr. Garcia’s marriage. According to his story, other factors were their relocation from Cuba to the United States and having to acclimate to some different ways of acting and living, the absence of the extended family support system and the strong influence of familism, and growing in separate directions. Because of their high regard for one another and their devotion to the children, they remained married for 23 years – although circumstances sometimes warranted their living in different locales. Eventually, they decided to divorce and Dr. G later remarried – a second marriage now of many years duration with a woman from the same country of origin and with similar professional stature. This chapter also contains his rendition of his memories of long ago, the sense of loss and isolation, the melding together of his two families, and his divorce with integrity, self-respect, and respect for his ex-wife.


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