Polynomials Versus Finite Blaschke Products

  • Tuen Wai NgEmail author
  • Chiu Yin Tsang
Part of the Fields Institute Communications book series (FIC, volume 65)


The aim of this chapter is to compare polynomials of one complex variable and finite Blaschke products and demonstrate that they share many similar properties. In fact, we collect many known results as well as some very recent results for finite Blaschke products here to establish a dictionary between polynomials and finite Blaschke products.


Polynomials Finite Blaschke products Ritt’s theorems Chebyshev polynomials Approximation 

Mathematics Subject Classification

30J10 30C10 30E10 30D05 39B12 



The first author was partially supported by RGC grant HKU 704409P. The second author was partially supported by graduate studentship of HKU and RGC grant HKU 704409P.


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