Broadband Networks and Smart Grid: How Do We Build a Better Tomorrow?



The world is going digital, and broadband and Smart Grid deployment are leading the way. Along with these changes are others that are just as significant. For example, how culture and our way of life experience innovation is being transformed from reliance upon changes to the physical world as an indication of progress awareness arising from the marketing of new devices and services. Innovation over the last decade have been monumental, but in many ways subtle. Although changes are happening on the micro- and macro-level, often the most visible are the micro-changes in the form of new personal computing devices such as iPads, e-books, digital phones or faster and broadly available communication networks. The macro-changes are on the global scale but less visible, but they will influence how people experience work, leisure, and engage in civic affairs. The Digital Information Age is issuing in a macro-digital communication age where:


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