Adnexal Tumors

  • Sumaira Z. Aasi
  • David J. Leffell
  • Rossitza Z. Lazova


Although the benign adnexal tumors discussed in this chapter are not an indication for treatment with Mohs micrographic surgery, it is critical for the Mohs surgeon to be familiar with their histopathology for a number of reasons. Sometimes a superficial biopsy may lead to an erroneous diagnosis and the patient is inadvertently referred to Mohs surgery. The Mohs layers then can help reveal the correct diagnosis. In addition, it is not uncommon to find these benign adnexal tumors on the face, adjacent to basal cell carcinomas and the ability of the Mohs surgeon to delineate these benign growth from cancerous lesions will minimize surgery and morbidity for the patient.


Basal Cell Carcinoma Sebaceous Carcinoma Sebaceous Adenoma Necrotic Tumor Cell Sebaceous Tumor 
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