Caval and Iliac Vein Disease

  • Olaf Kaufman
  • Haraldur Bjarnason
  • Peter Gloviczki


The external iliac vein (EIV) begins at the inguinal ligament and ends anterior to the sacroiliac joint where it joins the internal iliac vein (IIV) to form the common iliac vein (CIV). The IIV is a short vein, formed by its extra- and intrapelvic tributaries. The CIVs join at the right side of the fifth lumbar vertebra to form the IVC. In contrast to the right CIV, which ascends vertically to the IVC, the left CIV takes an almost transverse course and underlies the right common iliac artery, which may compress it against the lumbar spine (May-Thurner syndrome). The IVC takes a cephalic course at the right anterior aspect of the spine, and it passes through the liver and then through the diaphragm at the level of the 10th thoracic vertebra and joins the right atrium at the T9 level.


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