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In this chapter, I describe the software for making state space grids, GridWare (Lamey et al., GridWare (Version 1.1), 2004). GridWare is a versatile visualization and data manipulation tool for multivariate time series of sequential (ordinal or categorical) data. It was developed as an exploratory data analysis tool as well as a source for a range of measures derived from the state space grid formatting. Since 2004, I have managed this software and its continued development, including the website for its free distribution: You should go to that website now and download the version appropriate for your platform. I will be using examples of state space grid analyses throughout the remaining chapters, so it will be useful to be able to work along with the sample data provided in the download. Note, the program runs in Java and it may be necessary for you to download Java or upgrade to the newest version. It is fast and simple from Do not worry. Java is perfectly safe and runs many of the web pages you look at on the internet. These days, it is almost always loaded on new computers by default.


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