A Simulation Model of the Positioning Accuracy in the Multi-radar Foreign Object Debris Detection System

  • Feng Jin
  • Guolong Wan
  • Qiong Wang
  • Jin Zhang
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This chapter illustrates the method using multi-radar network for improving the positioning accuracy in Foreign Object Debris (FOD) radar detection system. To achieve the accuracy improvement, two or even more radars are applied to detect the same target to decrease the minimum detection zone and improve the positioning accuracy. Firstly, a mathematical model for the detection situation in FOD radar network is built, and thus this issue is reduced to an analytic geometry problem. Secondly, in analyzing the model, the minimum detection zone is found, whose largest feature size is calculated as the positioning accuracy. The simulation results of the positioning accuracy to the designated detection zone in double-radar and triple-radar systems are presented in figures. Finally, the conclusion that the positioning accuracy of the multi-radar FOD detection system can be improved with the increasing number of the radars is verified. After modifying the simulation algorithm, this data fusion method can be embedded in the hardware platform to improve the positioning accuracy of the multi-radar FOD detection system.


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