Equivalent Models of Wind Farms with Fixed Speed Wind Turbines

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In order to simplify the model of wind farms in power system simulations, an equivalent single wind turbine model is presented as the model of wind farms in this chapter. By using a new way to obtain equivalent wind speed, the equivalent model can represent wind farms very well. For illustration, a detailed model and an equivalent model are built and their steady and dynamic performances are compared to show the feasibility of the new way in PSCAD/EMTDC. The simulation results show that errors between the two models are minute under wind speed fluctuation and grid disturbance. The new way to calculate equivalent wind speed is effective and the equivalent model can be used to replace the detailed model of wind farms in power system simulations.


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Project supported by State High-Tech Development Plan (Project 863), Project No. 2011AA05A102. Project Supported by National Key Basic Research Program (Program 973), Project No. 2012CB215104.


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