Medical Physicist Part II, Houston, 1949–1951

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Grimmett’s task was much more than building a cobalt unit. The mission of the MDAH at that time was patient care, research and education, and Grimmett moved to make sure all these were undertaken in his department. His early death in May 1951 meant that he only had 27 months, but in that time he laid the foundation for an outstanding department, which remains so some 60 years later. He established educational, research and radiation protection programs as well as making plans for the future hospital building and equipment. His laboratory notebook has survived, and several of the research projects from it are described, especially projects related to dosimetry, which was of special interest of Grimmett. Unfortunately, his relationship with Fletcher deteriorated and came to a head over the installation of a new X-ray treatment machine, and in the end, they were not speaking to each other.


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